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Annalisa Falace - University of Trieste

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Sara Kaleb - University of Trieste


Dr. Sara Kaleb holds an MD in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Biomonitoring methods for environmental alterations. She is a post-doc researcher at the University of Trieste.
Her main research interests include taxonomy and ecophysiology of marine macroalgae, ecology and conservation of coastal habitats, restoration of Cystoseira populations.
Recent publications relevant to Reef ReseArch:
Pezzolesi L., Peña V., Le Gall L., Gabrielson P.W., Kaleb S., Hughey J.R., Rodondi G., Hernandez-Kantun J.J., Falace A., Basso D., Cerrano C., Rindi F. (2019) Mediterranean Lithophyllum stictiforme (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) is a genetically diverse species complex: implications for species circumscription, biogeography and conservation of coralligenous habitats. Journal of Phycology 55(2): 473-492.
Pezzolesi L., Falace A., Kaleb S., Hernandez-Kantun J.J., Cerrano C., Rindi F. (2017) Genetic and morphological variation in  an ecosystem engineer, Lithophyllum byssoides (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). Journal of Phycology 53(1):146-160.
Falace A., Kaleb S., Curiel D., Miotti C., Galli G., Querin S., Ballesteros E., Solidoro C., Bandelj V. (2015) Calcareous bio-concretions in the northern Adriatic Sea: Habitat types, environmental factors that influence habitat distributions, and predictive modeling. PLoS ONE 10 (11): e0140931.
Curiel D., Falace A., Bandelj V., Kaleb S., Solidoro C., Ballesteros E. (2012) Species composition and spatial variability of macroalgal assemblages on biogenic Reefs in the northern Adriatic Sea. Botanica Marina 55 (6): 625-38.